August 7th, 2020


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For as far back as I can remember, I have performed in many rock & blues bands throughout the years, then switched to going back to basics.  So I grabbed my acoustic instruments back out and create a new path. Using the 6 & 12 string guitars and the resonator it has been a blast.  Within the past recent years, I've been peforming at different festivals in Daytona, Deland and Ormond Beach Florida playing my original music to diverse crowds with a great response.  It's really nice to get out of town like the old days and perform to different faces. The input you get from listeners is very important and you come home energized to create something new. You also meet and greet fellow musicians from all over the country and exchange ideas and techniques. It's always a great time and looking forward to the next one which will be possibly in October 2020. I will be posting that information as it gets closer.

I've been taking my time with the new album entitled "On The Shoulders of Giants"

It's coming along really well so I don't want to rush it too much.

What I have been really enjoying taking classic tunes and giving them a twist. Taking songs like Smoke on the Water, I want you to want me, Little Wing, In the air tonight, Comfortably Numb and so many others and giving them an unplugged revisited sound. It really turns heads. lol Huge Response !!!

Ok, here's my view on the use of pedal boards, effects and toys.

I have seen too many solo guys out there that actually depend on these in order to perform.

Hey, if you want to be in a band, go join one.  Yes, I do use a Pedal Effects Board from time to time, but I use the effects as effects. They go one and off as needed. For instance when performing Learning to fly by Tom Petty  Chorus pedal only comes on for 4 measures in the entire song. For Wicked Games by Chris Isaak the use of the delay for the nessesary lead work and Loop Pedal provides the back chord structure. Then they go off. For songs like Comfortably Numb the use of the delay and string pedals go on and off during the song. I use effects pedal as an effect and not to try to reproduce the sound of a whole band.  Hey ! Don't get me started on these guys the play along with tracks.

I'm still working hard at the Acoustic & Delta Blues. It's really been coming along well.

Unforunately there's no place in Jacksonville to play the real blues.  So it will definitely have to be out of town gigs.  Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of blues Fans here, just no place to go and listen to it.

I'm still out there performing and will continue to do so. My calendar has already starting back up again and opened into 2021 too. Make sure you sign up for my monthly newsletter. Weddings , Private Parties, Corporate Events, Private Clubs and even Backyard Bar B Q's are already on the rise.

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