March 6th 2021




Thank you for visiting my website. The new album finally being released and a lot more happenings.  Some of the songs have already been released on internet radio stations like Pandora, I-Tunes and 20 others.   Don't forget to sign up for the free monthly newsletter on the main page to find out where the open to the public gigs are and if I'm coming to your town soon !



After I wrote the music for the Internet show last month, from that came more work for the music for 5 commercials. 

The New Micro-Events have really taken off.  So what exactly is a Micro-Event?


It can be a Wedding, Private Party, Corporate Event, Holiday Parties anything at all as long as it's fewer than 20-25 guests and booking for about 2 hours. It also keeps your price down.  Gigs are coming in left and right. I actually turned down some do to conflicting dates. I keep reminding everyone to reserve you dates asap. I travel from St Simmons Island Ga to Orlando Fl. And all points in between.

I have recently added many dates as things are now getting back to normal. If your seriously interested in booking me for your next event, Now is the time to reserve your dates with a deposit. The 2021 calendar is on the run !


The next one is worth repeating;

Here's my opinion on Virtual Performances.

Part 1:

While some fellow musicians think this is a wonderful idea, I see a huge problem down the road.

I going to look at this in 2 different ways. First as a musician.

If your trying this out by performing on line via Facebook / Instagram LIVE ect and you set up a "Virtual Tip Jar" , or accepting payments on line, understand that this information is monitored and is taxable. You should be looking for a 1099 in the mail.  Also, what you are doing is unintentionally clearing a path to not performing live at many locations. If a venue can find a way to cut cost, they will. It's a lot cheaper, less volume issues, taking up space, dealing with sound checks, they can just turn on a TV and avoid any problems with the act.


Here's part 2.

If you perform at a bar/restaurant that does not have a designated stage area and tables and chairs need to be removed to clear and area, you are taking revenue away from the business. To a business every available square footage is money $$$.

I have turn down several "Virtual Happy Hours" from places across the country.  If it goes the way I'm thinking the Live Music scene will get hurt more than it is right now.  Clubs will have you broadcast on their TV's and pay you less money. Always remember,  they hire you to make their cash register go Ding Ding Ding.

Yes, I am still out there performing and will continue to do so. My calendar has already started back up again and opened into 2021 too. Make sure you sign up for my monthly newsletter. Weddings , Private Parties, Corporate Events, Private Clubs and even Backyard Bar B Q's are already on the rise.


To find out how to book your dates, go to the "Contact Page" on this site.

Don't Forget

To find out where I might be performing that is "Open to the Public" and other latest news, please join my mailing list located on the main page of this website. Since I perform mostly at Private & Corporate events, there are just a few dates a month that I'm out in public. And do to recent current events, some places that I've performed at in the past are either still forced to be closed or lost everything they had and closed their doors for good. Very Sad and Totally uncalled for !

After signing up you'll receive my monthly newsletter, in it you will find what I've been up to, where I'll be performing publically, what's coming up in the near future, album release and more.

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