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January 13th, 2021


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Start planing you next dates now.

Call or text me directly at (904) 240-9816

Here's some January dates that are open to the public. Others may be private gigs

Jan 8th : V Pizza in Mandarin Fl 6PM till 9PM

Jan 10th : Tides Beach Bar & Grille  inside The Hampton Inn Jax Beach Fl  8PM Short Promo Set

Jan 11th : Whiskey Jax Baymeadows Road Jax Fl 8PM Short Promo Set

Jan 14th : V Pizza in Fleming Island Fl 6PM till 9PM

Jan 15th : V Pizza in Mandarin Fl 6PM till 9PM

Jan 22nd: V Pizza in Mandarin Fl 6PM till 9PM

Jan 28th : V Pizza in Fleming Island Fl 6PM till 9PM

Jan 29th : V Pizza in Mandarin Fl 6PM till 9PM

2022 is on FIRE !


I provide discounts for Vets, Active Military, First Responders & Animal Rescues.


I got into a discussion with another musician Tuesday night (nice guy) regarding practicing /rehearsing after I had finished my set. I guess he was wondering how many hours a day put in.

I told him I really don't put in very much (shock in his eyes) because if you practice too much, everything you do will sound lifeless.

The more you or a band pound a song into the ground, by the time you perform it, it's predictable and stale. It's called "Over Rehearsing".  As a patron you might have followed a band or musician around and you hear the same thing played the same way and in the same order. You might even hear the same jokes and excuses in between songs.  There's just no juice or energy level to the song left.

Then I told him, I don't use a set list, I have no idea what I'm going to play next and I don't know what my first song is until I plug in. 

That puts the edge on me to strive harder and make the song come alive. I put a lot of emotion and feelings in it.

I will also never play a song the same way twice. Ask any musician that has tried to work with me. As it's been said, "If you can work with Ricci, you can pretty much work with anybody."

Why in the world would I want to take all my time to learn something that someone has already done. I want the song to breath and come alive again.  I use a lot of suspensions and inverted chords.

If a song is new to me, I ruffly go through it, hit the different changes, and kick it around a few times. But, I'll never ever play the song all the way through. I have literally walked by a guitar in the house, picked it up run though a few changes and sit it right back down again and go on to what I was going to do. lol   I even take a guitar with me on trips and pick it up just to go over a part in a song and put it right back in its case again. Just little snippets of a section of a song. Maybe try to rework a part.

Now it's all up to me the day I perform it.  Now the song is exciting and fresh because the pressure is on and I put everything I have in it.  So now he has my number, and he said he's going to call me, and I told him, I'm no longer teaching music lessons. Just letting you know that up front.


My Signature Guitar Strings handcrafted by Curt Mangan in Colorado USA are the bomb.

They are to my specs, with a Hex Core And Fusion Matched for great tone and long lasting.

I have recently added alot more dates in 2022 as things are back to normal. If your seriously interested in booking me for your next event, as a solo, duo or trio, Now is the time to reserve your dates with a deposit. There's just a few open dates in the 2022 calendar so don't delay in contacting us.

This week alone I've already turned down 4 gigs for 2022 because I'm already booked.

I am working on setting up a page on this site so you can book me directly from this site. Until then please use the information on the contact page.

I'll be out and about promoting the new album, "On The Shoulders of Giants"

More Festival performances are also coming up.


I can not only provide music as a soloist, but I can also provide a Duo & a Small Trio for most occasions. And still fit in the budget. From the Oldies, Blues, Pop and Adult Contemporary. Unfortunately I do not perform 2 style of music, Jazz and this new Country Music. Some older Country music yes, When Country was Country, but not this new stuff. 


To find out how to book your dates, go to the "Contact Page" on this site or call me directly at           (904) 240-9816


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